Dieless Cutting Machines

Our new ATOM Flashcut Flex is the ultimate dieless cutting machine! The added projector allows us to project the cutting pattern directly on the material enabling us to get more gaskets out of each sheet! The time and material benefit results in lower costs for our customers!

The ATOM Flashcut Flex has a cutting area of 3050 x 1550mm (121″ x 61″). The benefit from high-speed cutting and punching reduces running costs. This table suits a wide range of industrial fields; from gaskets (in their various materials, tang graphite included) to rubber.

ATOM Flash Flex Features:

  • Projector displays patterns directly on material
  • Multi-tool cutting head increases overall versatility
  • Two drilling stations rotating punches for precise small diameter holes
  • A marking pen to apply part #’s and trademarks
  • A non-rotating punch station for light-weight materials
  • Powerful vacuum pump preventing material movement and eliminating the sacrificial sealing of the material

Click the image to see the Flashcut Flex in use!
Atom Flex

ATOM Flash Flex Advantages:

  • Larger working area
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Cuts all material types
  • Runs larger projects
  • Reduces turnaround time


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