GYLON EPIX – Solving a copper mine’s flange challenges

by Krystanne Borgen / 01 May 2018 / No Comments

Finally, the Perfect Solution for Imperfect Flanges.

The Next Generation in PTFE Gasketing

The all-new patented GYLON EPIXTM looks like no other gasket because it’s not like any other gasket. Its patented hexagonal surface profile combines best-in-class torque retention with exceptional conformability, allowing you to use a single thickness for nearly any application—even worn or pitted flanges.

Faced with frequent leaks in its many miles of pipe, a copper mining customer was expending considerable time and manpower chasing leaks and retightening their flouroelastomer (FKM) rubber gaskets. Until they discovered the new GYLON EPIX gasketing.

From copper mining to chemical processing, GYLON EPIX gasketing delivers exceptional conformability and torque retention.

DOWNLOAD The Case Study: Copper Mining_Case Study


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