Power Dynamics Gasket Company Sales & Support Staff

Meet the Experts:

Tom Chandler

Area Manager
Eastern North, South Dakota, and Northern Minnesota 

Email: tomcpdi@outlook.com


Eric McKown

Area Manager
Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, and Illinois

Email: ericmckown@tds.net


Chad Wall

General Manager
Minneapolis / St. Paul, Southern Minnesota, and Nebraska

Email: cwall@powerdynamicsinc.com


Kevin Larkin

Inside Sales, Iowa, and Missouri

Email: klarkin@powerdynamicsinc.com


Nick Wall

Area Manager
Western Region

Email: nwall@powerdynamicsinc.com


Bryan Rieken

Inside Sales Manager

Email: brieken@powerdynamicsinc.com


Alex Witso

Inside Sales

Email: awitso@powerdynamicsinc.com


Brenda Lang

Accounts Receivable / Inventory Management 

Email: blang@powerdynamicsinc.com


Kelly Radtke 

Administration and Accounting Specialist

Email: kratdke@powerdynamicsinc.com


Krystanne Borgen

Marketing and Business Development Manager

Email: kborgen@powerdynamicsinc.com