Asset Surveys

The best way to control costs and manage maintenance is by performing a survey of all your fluid sealing products. During the survey we examine, tag and record all the fluid sealing products at your facility and generate a report highlighting the results of our review.

Survey Process includes:

  • Review production process
    • We gain an understanding of the production process and review how the gaskets are being utilized.
    • We determine expectations and begin preparations for any safety requirements.
    • We establish a timeline for performing and completing the work.
  • Perform walk through and tag gaskets
    • We walk through the facility with an employee and tag each gasket with a number.
    • We document the trap number and location.
  • Analyze gasket performance
    • We analyze how the gaskets are performing.
    • We document the performance and any issues.
  • Create gasket report
    • We catalog all of the data collected and prepare a report.
    • We highlight which gasket need to be replaced and provide suggestions for issues found.
    • We set a meeting time and Review the report.
  • Update Order System
    • We update our system with the data we have collected for future orders.

Once complete, we can help you control costs, project management, quality assurance, schedule inspections and schedule future turnaround maintenance based on current history.

Surveys include:

  • pump
  • mechanical seal
  • valve
  • expansion joint