The sophistication of the ATOM Flashcut dieless knife cutting table, allows us to work from C.A.D. and DXF drawings.  The cutting table provides a larger cutting area of 3050 x 1550 mm (121 x 61), and high speed cutting and punching functions that allow us to extend and expedite our services.   The robust structure delivers reliability and precision even when cutting the most difficult materials.


  • Multi-tool cutting head increases overall versatility
  • Two drilling stations rotating punches for precise small diameter holes
  • A marking pen to apply part #’s and trademarks
  • A non-rotating punch station for light-weight materials
  • Powerful vacuum pump preventing material movement and eliminating the sacrificial sealing of the material

The ATOM Flashcut is the optimal dieless cutting solution for all the traditional gasket materials including; metal inserted graphite, non-asbestos, rubber & it’s by-products, dense foams, glass filled teflons, pure Teflon, mylar, nomex, felts, fabrics and similar semi-rigid materials.

ATOM flashcut

ATOM flashcut


  • Eliminates Diecuts
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Cuts all material types
  • Runs larger projects
  • Reduces turnaround time