Flange Isolation Kits

Flange Isolation Kit

Power Dynamics proudly represents Garlock Piping Technologies (GPT Industries) for its flange isolation products.

Isolation products include a wide selection of isolating/sealing gaskets, as well as a variety of sleeves and washers. For maximum flexibility, components may be ordered separately or as part of complete flange isolation kits.

Flange Isolation Kits are designed to work in conjunction with isolating gaskets.  They complete the electrical isolation of a flanged assembly.

Isolation Kits Include:

  • One full-length isolating sleeve
  • Two isolating washers
  • Two steel washers for each of the bolts in the flange assembly

Isolation Joints:

The isolating sleeves electrically separate the bolts from each side of the flange. The isolating washers provide electrical isolation for each of  the nuts attached to the bolts. This method of isolation provides the user with a high-reliability solution to complete the electrical isolation of a flanged joint.


Flange Isolations Kits are used in locations where one prefers an integral seal element. They offer a more convenient spiral-wound type gasket replacement.

  • Non-potable water
  • Utility gas applications
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • High pressure flanges
  • Critical service applications
  • High pH Service

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