Need Help Managing your Assets?


The best way to control costs and manage maintenance is by performing an asset survey of all your fluid sealing products.

  • We will review your production process and perform a walk-through of your facility.
  • We will analyze your gasket performances against their applications.
  • We will create a report highlighting the results of our review and update our order system with products that are better suited for your operations.


Once complete, you will have better cost-control and project management, in addition to quality assurance. We will schedule inspections and project turnaround maintenace based on your current history.


Review Production Process

  • Review how the gaskets are being utilized.
  • Get an understanding of the existing production process.
  • Determine your expectations.
  • Begin preparations for any safety requirements.
  • Establish a timeline for performing and completing the required work.

Perform Walk Through

  • Perform a complete walk through of the facility.
  • Work with employees to tag and number each gasket.
  • Document the trap number and location.

Analyze Gasket Performance

  • Complete a gasket analysis to determine perforamce levels.
  • Document all performance and note any issues.

Create an Inventory Report

  • We catalog all of the data collected and prepare a report.
  • Highlight which gaskets need to be replaced
  • Provide suggestions for issues discovered.
  • Schedule a meeting to review the final report.

Update Order System

  • We will update our system with the data we have collected for all future orders.
Asset Survey

Surveys Areas Include:


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