Customer Training

Fluid Sealing products can quickly become an expensive item when installed incorrectly.

Our objective is to reduce downtime, lower costs and improve the sustainability of your facility so you can focus on your business needs. Our customer training covers gasketing and pump and valve packing, providing your staff the knowledge to help you advance and improve equipment reliability.

Our highly-experienced sales team performs in-company training courses. Content is tailored to support industry-specific business initiatives, and delivered on-site to minimize time away from the business.

We will teach you about the various styles and materials that are available for specific applications.

Manufacturer reps are also available to provide training.

Capabilities and Product Offerings:

  • Gasket installation. The right way and the cost of cutting corners.
  • The Little things, when overlooked can cause failures, personal injury creating expensive downtime.
  • Troubleshooting a gasket failure.
  • Product presentation based on current use.
  • New product presentations.
  • New technologies, practices.
  • Pump and Valve packing installation.
  • Product consolidation.
  • Product recommendations.

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