Garlock Launches GYLON EPIX™, Combines Best of 1/16" and 1/8" Gaskets


Garlock has announced the launch of GYLON EPIX™ and Power Dynamics is pleased to be a distributor for this ground breaking product! The patented next generation in PTFE gasketing features a hexagonal surface profile with superior compressibility and sealing for use in chemical processing environments.

GYLON EPIX™ will be available in one universal thickness of 3/32" (2.4mm) that combines the sealing and blowout resistance of a 1/16" (1.6mm) gasket with the compressibility and conformability of a 1/8" gasket. It will be available in the same three materials as traditional GYLON® products; fawn (silica filled PTFE), off-white (barium sulfate filled PTFE) and blue (aluminosilicate microsphere filled PTFE).

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Learn how Power Dynamics ingenuity can help your business thrive!

At Power Dynamics Gasket Company our primary focus is on manufacturing custom-cut gaskets. We fabricate gaskets from sheet material into most any shape or size. Our fabrication options include: hand cutting, die cutting, and laser cutting depending on the scope of the project.

Our shelves are stocked with Compressed Fiber, Flexible Graphite, Metal Gaskets, Joint Sealant, PTFE, Rubber, and General Application Gasketing materials.

We pride ourselves on ensuring all customers receive the absolute best material available.

GPT Introduces New Abrasion, Corrosion Resistant Washers


  • New Diamond Hyde' HCS Washers resist corrosion more than twice as long as Xylan® A-coated washers in a five percent salt spray
  • Diamond Hyde' Washers resist damage by mitigating common installation errors
  • For severe applications, Diamond Hyde' Extreme Washers feature a 316L Stainless Steel core to withstand conditions on offshore oil platforms, abrasive sprays or high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide found in sour gas

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Learn More about Garlock's Low Friction Valve Stem Packing for the Power Generation Industry!

Style 5882 provides low friction performance in industries where Air Operated Valves are used for steam, water, air and process control applications. The unique combination of materials helps achieve superior valve sealing with lower friction for valve stem actuation. Style 5882 comes in both spool stock and die-formed ring sets for customer convenience. If a lower PTFE content/higher temperature set is needed, Style 5882 can be used as end rings and combined with GRAPH-LOCK® center rings*.

Garlock Valve Stem Packing

NEW - 100% Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet Material

Garlocks utility–grade Fluoroelastomer sheet that completes the already successful Garlock Family of Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheets.
Garlock_9938_Data Sheet

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